Fall 2014 Seminars




Oct 3

Cascades on Social Influence and Networks

Prof. Mason Porter, University of Oxford

Oct 10

Presentation of Research Paper

Tegan Brennan, Computer Science Trainee

Oct 17

Classification of Traumatic Brain Injury Using Diffusion Tractography

Haraldur Halgrimmsson Tomas, Computer Science Associate

Oct 24

Engineering an Exceptional Talk

Prof. M. Scott Shell, Chemical Engineering, UCSB

Oct 31

Modeling and Predicting the Growth and Death of Membership-based Websites

Huan Sun, Computer Science

Nov 7

Thoughts on Design and Implementation of User Experiments

Dr. John O'Donovan, Computer Science

Nov 14

Search Over Knowledge Graphs

Yu Su, Computer Science, UCSB

Nov 21

Using Network Tools to Interpret Cultural Systems

Prof. John Mohr, Sociology, UCSB

Dec 5

Evolving epistatic interactions

Dr. Bjorn Ostman, EEMB, UCSB

Dec 12

The Balance Theory of Sentiment Relations

Dr. Craig Rawlings, Sociology, UCSB