Fall 2016 Seminars


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Unless otherwise noted, all seminars are held in the Network Science Lab (Bldg 434, room 122) at 2 pm on Mondays.




Sep 26

Computational Complexity of Solving Network Dynamics, by Sakal

Generative Random Network Models Appearing in Organizations, by Mohagheghi

Taom Sakal

Shadi Mohagheghi

Oct 3

Scalability and Egalitarianism in Peer-to-Peer Networks, by Caccioli, et al.

Large-Scale Object Classification using Label Relation Graphs, by Deng, et al.

Haleigh Wright

Yi Ding

Oct 7

Invited Talk: The Social Production of Collective Intelligence

Prof. Jacob Foster
Sociology, UCLA

Oct 10

Markov Approximation for Combinatorial Network Optimization, by Chen, et al.

Alex Jones

Oct 17

Deadbeat-Like Approximations for Sequencing Non-Rigid Heaps, by Grimsman and Warnick

Non-Bayesian social learning, by Ali Jadbabaie et al.

David Grimsman

Pedro Cisneros

Oct 24

Belief Network Analysis: A Relational Approach to Understanding the Structure of Attitudes, by Andrei Boutyline and Stephen Vaisey

Predicting Positive and Negative Links in Online Social Networks, by Leskovec, Huttenlocher, and Kleinberg

Devin Cornell

Furkan Kocayusufoglu

Oct 31

Building a food web for an island in the South Pacific, by Forbes

Elizabeth Forbes

Nov 7

Resisting structural re-identification in anonymized social networks, by Hay et al.

Competing Memes Propagation on Networks: A Case Study of Composite Networks, by Wei et al.

Isaac Mackey

Rachel Redberg

Nov 14

Network science on belief system dynamics under logic constraints. Science, by Friedkin et al.

Complex brain networks: graph theoretical analysis of structural and functional systems, by Bullmore and Sporns.

Mahnaz Koupaee

Jacob Fisher

Nov 21

"What is a Sequential Dynamical System?" from An Introduction to Sequential Dynamical Systems, by Mortveit and Reidys

Asymmetric disease dynamics in multihost interconnected networks, by Pilosof, et al.

Taom Sakal


Lilla Bartko


Nov 28

On Forming Effective Therapy Groups with Noah’s Ark Principle, by Hsu

Learning influence probabilities in social networks, by Goyal et al.

Bay Yuan Hsu

Steven Munn