Fall 2018 Seminars

Seminar participants will take turns presenting papers of their choice, with up to two papers being presented each week. Unless otherwise noted, all seminars are held in the Network Science Lab (Bldg 434, room 122) at 3:30 pm pm on Tuesdays.

Fall 2018 will focus on network formation, with Matthew O. Jackson (2003) "A Survey of Models of Network Formation: Stability and Efficiency" as our launchpad. The paper can be downloaded here.

Enrollment code (CMPSC 595J): 76190 (Instructor: Francesco Bullo)


Paper/Presentation Title


Oct 2

Seminar Overview Prof. Francesco Bullo

Oct 9

A Noncooperative Model of Network Formation, by Bala and Goyal Shadi Mohagheghi
A Survey of Models of Network Formation: Stability and Efficiency, by Jackson Su Burtner

Oct 16

Seminar postponed due to illness.  

Oct 23

Meeting Strangers and Friends of Friends: How Random Are Social Networks?, by Jackson and Rogers Sierra Schwellenbach
  Caitlin Scarberry

Oct 30

Signed Networks in Social Media, by Leskovec, Huttenlocher, and Kleinberg Ishani Gupta
Strongly stable networks, by Jackson and van den Nouweland Ryan Allen

Nov 6

No seminar. Come to the Computer Science Colloquia instead on Nov 5 and Nov 7  

Nov 13

Emergence of Scaling in Random Networks, by Barabasi and Albert Alon Albalak
Scale free networks are rare, by Broido and Clauset James Bird

Nov 27

A dynamic model of social network formation, by Skyrms and Pemantle Roman Aguilera
Coalitional Game Theory for Cooperative Micro-Grid Distribution Networks, by Saad, et al. Kevin Smith

Dec 4

Modeling the Growth of Transportation Networks: A Comprehensive Review, by Xie and Levinson Vania Wang
Error and attack tolerance of complex networks, by Albert, Jeong, and Barabasi. Lei Xu