Module 14: An Empirical Analysis of Sexual Networks and Pregnancy in Ghana

Faculty Contact: Susan Cassels, Geography

Research Areas:

Abstract: Risk of acquiring sexually transmitted infections is not only a function on an individuals’ risk behavior, but that of their sexual partners as well. In the field of HIV prevention research, there is an ongoing debate about whether and why pregnant and postpartum women have a higher risk of acquiring HIV, and how much of the increased risk is due to behavioral versus biological mechanisms. In this module, we will explore this question using a network perspective. We will test whether pregnant and postpartum women’s sexual partners engage in additional risky partnerships – and therefore expose the women to higher risk of acquiring HIV – compared to partners of non-pregnant and postpartum women. We will use data from a sexual network survey conducted in Ghana.

Active quarters:

  • Winter 2016, Ayme Tomson, Rafael Melendez-Rios