Module 36: Investigating Dynamic Frontoparietal Network Allegiance Under Cognitive and Perceptual Load

Faculty Contact: Barry Giesbrecht, Scott Grafton, and Rene Weber

Research Areas:


The aim of this module is to collect and analyze data investigating individual differences in dynamic network allegiance in the frontoparietal attention network during completion of a naturalistic task. This module is funded by a faculty grant from UCSB's Academic Senate. Recent work suggests that the introduction of perceptual load may influence differential behavior and performance outcomes for those with ADHD as compared to non-affected individuals as well as between High and Low Media Multitaskers. Recent behavioral data has validated these effects using Asteroid Impact, an open-source video game stimulus developed for the Media Neuroscience Lab. This module will serve as the next step for investigating the role of digital media design in emphasizing or diminishing cognitive processing performance differences between key groups.

Active Quarters:

  • Spring 2018: Jacob Fisher