Module 37: Plant Fungi Interactions

Faculty Contact: Ryoko Oono and Austen Apigo (PhD Student)

Research Areas:


This project looks at the network made up of plants and the fungi that live in the roots of those plants. Generally, the network created is considered mutualistic: the fungi help the plant extract nutrients from the soil, while the plant feeds the fungi and allows it live in its roots. We believe, however, that this plant-fungi network has a different structure from most other mutualistic networks. Our goal is to strengthen our claim by repeating our prior analysis on a larger data set. We make use of analysis methods developed in previous network science projects (Module 31) to project the plant-fungi graph and look at plant-plant networks and fungi-fungi networks. This project will also explores new directions beyond  

As this is primarily a big data analysis project, there is a considerable amount of statistics and data-cleaning. Also, to emphasize the interdisciplinary nature of this research, this module will introduce trainees to the terminology and jargon unique to food-webs and species-interaction networks.

Active Quarters:

  • Fall 2017: Taom Sakal