Module 51: Interpreting Discourse in the Humanities

Faculty Contact: Alan Liu

Research Areas:

As part of the WhatEvery1Says (WE1S): The Humanities in Public Discourse project, The Interpretation Lab assists with methods of improving and assessing data interpretation. Lab members ask questions such as: "How do we choose parameters to optimize our data models? What analysis and visualization methods then help us understand them better? How can we sequence machine-learning and human reading steps for maximum intelligibility of results? And can we assess our readings of data models to gain confidence in results? Finally, how can we make all these aspects of the data interpretation process transparent, open, and shareable?"1

This module immerses a trainee into the Interpretation Lab's undertakings, to lead the charge on developing word embeddings, data visualizations (in the form of heatmaps), and an interpretation protocol that supports discourse around the humanities.


Active Quarters:

  • Fall 2018: Su Burtner


1. WE1S Interpretation Lab Website: