Module 8: Structure and Stability of Bacterial Transcription Networks

Contact: Stephen Proulx

Concepts: Network motifs, dynamic stability

Research Areas:

Abstract: There has been significant discussion and controversy over the reasons why transcription networks have specific network structures. Previous work has looked at the statistical representation of network motifs, the evolutionary rates of addition to networks, and the dynamic stability of network motifs. The concept of dynamic stability relates to the ability of a dynamical system to return to an equilibrium after it is "perturbed". There are now many bacterial species that have had their transcription networks defined. This module will involve representing transcription network data as a directed graph, using matlab (or some similar framework) to define systems of ODEs to describe the network, and studying the dynamics and stability of the entire transcription networks. The goals are to use tools to count the frequency of network motifs and to expand existing work on motifs to larger sets of genes.