Network Science Laboratory

The centerpiece of our education and training plan is a hands-on Network Science Laboratory (NSL) in which trainees will be exposed to large datasets, software for analyzing and visualizing networks, and fundamental principles of Network Science through a set of training modules. Both data and software are hosted on a dedicated server cluster and are available for exploration and analysis on the local workstations as well. Software ranges from infrastructure and productivity—Hadoop, MPI, Virtual Box, Office, data crawlers etc.; to analysis, mining, and simulation—Weka, SPSS, Matlab, FICO-Xpress Mosel, Gurobi, IBM Cplex, Lucene, R, etc.; to visualization—NodeXL, Cytoscape, GraphViz, and others. Shared datasets are available to support the training modules and research projects. In addition, storage infrastructure is provisioned for newly curated datasets as part of the program. Data from all domains of the participating faculty are available.

The NSL also has a dedicated space for small conferences, semianrs, and meetings. A calendar for scheduling purposes is available here.  Please contact to reserve the room.