Spring 2016 Seminars


DropBox folder for papers and presentations

Unless otherwise noted, all seminars are held in the Network Science Lab (Bldg 434, room 122) at 2 pm on Mondays.




Mar 28

Winter 2016 Module Presentations, part 1

Module __: Steven Munn
Module 11: Tegan Brennan

Apr 4

Winter 2016 Module Presentations, part 2

Module 10: Haleigh Wright and Yi Ding
Module 7: Shadi Mohagheghi and Alex Jones

Apr 11

Winter 2016 Module Presentations, part 3

Module 15: Alex Kulick
Module 17: Axel Haaker

Apr 18

"What Biology needs from Network Science"
Winter 2016 Module Presentations, part 4

Dr. Janna Fierst, Univ. of Alabama
Module 14: Ayme Tomson and Rafael Melendez-Rios

Apr 25

Paper Presentation

Shadi Mohagheghi

May 2

Winter 2016 Module Presentations, part 5

Paper Presentation: 'Minimizing the Diameter of a Graph using Shortcut Edges" by Erik Damine and Morteza Zadimogghaddam

Module 12: Elizabeth Forbes and Lilla Bartko (awaiting confirmation)

Alex Jones

May 9

Paper Presentation: "A Propagation Model for Provenance Views of Public/Private Workflows," by Susan B. Davidson and Tova Milo.

Haleigh Wright

May 16

Paper Presentation:

Paper Presentation:

Paper Presentation:  "ChordRipple: Recommending Chords to Help Novice Composers Go Beyond the Ordinary," by Huang, Duvenaud, and Gajos.

Yi Ding

Metehan Ozten

Yi Yang

May 23

Paper Presentation: "Ecological Multilayer Networks: A New Frontier for Network Ecology"
Roundtable discussion with Dr. Shai Pilosof

Lilla Bartko

Shai Pilosof