Spring 2018 Seminars

Seminar participants will take turns presenting papers of their choice, with two papers being presented each week. Unless otherwise noted, all seminars are held in the Network Science Lab (Bldg 434, room 122) at 1:00 pm on Fridays.

In Spring 2018, we will tackle the broad topic of dynamical networks, including the theoretical and empirical analysis, modeling and control, of these networks. This topic, which was proposed as a result of various classroom conversations from last quarter, spans many different domains (social networks, animal migration networks, robotic networks, epidemic networks, etc.). Pedro Cisneros has provided a list of sample papers to help us get started. Seminar participants should feel free to choose one of these to present, or grab something else. Be ready to discuss both the findings as well as areas where the authors could continue the research. 

Sample papers:

Enrollment code (CMPSC 595J): 75242


Paper/Presentation Title


Apr 6

Seminar Overview Prof. Ambuj Singh
Systemic Risk in Financial Systems, by Eisenberg and Noe Pedro Cisneros
Epidemic Processes over Time–Varying Networks, by Paré, P. E., Beck, C. L., & Nedich David Grimsman

Apr 13

Exploring the structure and function of temporal networks with dynamic graphlets, by Hulovatyy, Chen, and Milenkovic. Taom Sakal
Persistent homology of time-dependent functional networks constructed from coupled time series, by Stolz, Harrington, and Porter. Rachel Redberg

Apr 20

Efficient snapshot retrieval over historical graph data, Khurana and Deshpande. Isaac Mackey
Dynamic Network Embedding by Modeling Triadic Closure Process, by Zhou et al. Furkan Kocayusufoglu

Apr 27

Temporal Branching Approach for Visual Exploration of Simulation Process in Dynamic Networks, by Mukhina et al. James Bird
Network neuroscience, by Bassett and Sporns Jacob Fisher

May 4


May 11

A Dynamic Network with, Individual Mobility for Designing, Vaccination Strategies, by Mao and Bian. Vania Wang
Dynamics of Dyads in Social Networks: Assortative, Relational, and Proximity Mechanisms, by Rivera, Soderstrom, and Uzzi. Devin Cornell

May 18

Computer Science Department Distinguished Lecture -- 2:00 pm in ESB 1001  
Mining Structures from Massive Text Data: A Data-Driven Approach Jiawei Hahn

May 25

Synchronization and Power Sharing for Droop-Controlled Inverters in Islanded Microgrids, by Simpson-Porco, Dorfler, and Bullo. Kevin Smith
Adversarial Network Forensics in Software Defined Networking, by Achleitner, et al. Abe Karplus

Jun 1

Topology Design Games and Dynamics in Adversarial Environments, by Ciftcioglu, et al. Kyle Carson
Limited individual attention and online virality of low-quality information, by Qiu, et al.  Albert Chen

Jun 8

GIS and agent-based models for humanitarian assistance, by Crooks and Wise. Su Burtner
Swarm Reinforcement Learning for traffic signal control based on cooperative multi-agent framework, by Tahifa, et al. Roman Aguilera