PDS: Faculty Panel on Harnessing Writing to Impact Your Research

Date and Location

Mar 13, 2017 - 11:00am to 12:00pm
Elings Hall 1605


Doug Bradley (UCSB Writing Program), Panel Facilitator
with Faculty Panelists: Deborah Fygenson (Physics) Doug McCauley (EEMB), Susannah Scott (ChemE)


A panel of science and engineering faculty share techniques and perspectives on utilizing writing to inform the research and discovery process (rather than just as a tool for communicating results). Panelists will discuss how writing can contribute to the creative process of problem solving and even transform research setbacks into research opportunities. For example, strategies for using lab notebooks, manuscripts, and written correspondence to enhance your research, and for responding to unforeseen logistical and experimental challenges. Panelists will share lessons learned for collaborating on written works, getting published, and avoiding pitfalls, as well as, how you can harness these strategies to propel your research, creativity and your writing.

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Sponsored by CSEP.