NS Invited Seminar: "A Network Perspective on the Biology of Aging”

Date and Location

Oct 13, 2015 - 3:00pm
Network Science Lab, Bldg 434, rm 122


Prof. Daniel Promislow
Departments of Pathology and Biology
University of Washington


Over the past two decades, scientists have uncovered an impressive array of genes and gene pathways associated with longevity in laboratory organisms. However, aging is a complex phenotype influenced by a large number of genetic and environmental factors. On closer inspection, we see that these the many genes associated with longevity interact with one another in a complex network of genes, proteins and metabolites. In fact, studies of aging integrate biological traits from single molecules to population-wide phenomena. From an evolutionary perspective, studies of aging face two key questions. First, why do individuals vary in rates of aging within populations, and second, why do different processes fail at different rates within individuals? Here I describe how the study of metabolomic networks can shed new light on these questions.

Daniel Promislow began his career in biology as an undergraduate at the University of Chicago. He completed his doctoral work in evolutionary biology with Paul Harvey at Oxford University. After post-doctoral work in Paris, at Queen's University in Ontario, and at the University of Minnesota, in 1995 he joined the faculty in the Department of Genetics at the University of Georgia. Daniel moved to the University of Washington in July 2013, where he is professor in the Departments of Pathology and Biology. Daniel is broadly interested in evolutionary genetics, with a particular focus on projects related to aging, as well as studies on sexual selection, natural genetic variation, networks, and metabolomics. Daniel is also director of the Canine Longevity Consortium, an NIH-funded project to understand the factors that influence healthspan and lifespan in dogs. In his spare time, Daniel enjoys running, cooking, skiing, and prior to his move to Seattle, he played guitar in the Athens band, Klezmer Local 42.

Above biography taken from http://www.promislowlab.org

Host: Prof. Stephen Proulx, EEMB