NS Seminar: Presentations by Taom and Shadi

Date and Location

Sep 26, 2016 - 2:00pm to 3:00pm
Network Science Lab, Bldg 434, Room 122


Taom Sakal, EEMB Trainee, and Shadi Mohagheghi, ECE Trainee


Computational Complexity of Solving Network Dynamics
Taom Sakal, EEMB, UC Santa Barbara

The dynamics of many networks are described by a system of equations. Traditional methods for solving these systems do not work for more complex networks. Instead we solve them by cutting the network apart via a partition strategy, solving the sub-systems, and then combining the pieces back together. The total difficulty of solving the system depends on which partition strategy we choose.

We present various algorithms for calculating the complexity of a strategy and for finding effective partition strategies for a network. Together, these algorithms can transform a computation that would normally takes months into one that takes only hours.


Generative Random Network Models Appearing in Organizations
Shadi Mohagheghi, ECE, UC Santa Barbara

Among the multitude of possible coordination and control structures for large groups, four prototypical structures (Liaison, Bridging Ties, Ridging Ties, and Comembership) are studied. There is currently no literature on comparative analyses of these models; in other words, we have an extremely limited understanding on the performance outcome of these different structures. This work eventually aims to gain an understanding on how to rank order them in order to achieve optimal performance and efficiency in task management.