NS Seminar

Date and Location

Apr 05, 2017 - 4:45pm to 5:45pm
Bldg 434, Rm 122


Professor Regina Schober
University of Mannheim


We will provide a plan for the seminar series and then hear from a guest lecturer, Dr. Regina Schober, who is a visiting scholar in the Department of English at UC Santa Barbara.

"Networks and Numbers: New Models for the Humanities?"

With the rise of digital technology, new epistemological models have entered scholarly debates in the humanities. In her talk, Regina Schober will look at the concept of ‘network’ and ‘quantification’ as transdisciplinary phenomena that have increasingly been explored in the humanities. As a preferred metaphor and figure of thought in our current information age, the network serves to describe complex, recursive, and multilateral structures. At the same time, Big Data has brought forth a paradigm shift from qualitative to quantitative (self-)description. What does it mean if (US American) literature and culture not only address digital practices but also incorporate them into their narrative structure? How do these concepts challenge traditional assumptions concerning knowledge, subjectivity, and agency? And finally, what does it mean to adopt ‘network’ and ‘numbers’ as models for the humanities?