NS IGERT Research Showcase and Advisory Board Meeting

Date and Location

May 13, 2019 - 10:00am to 4:00pm
Henley Board Room, Mosher Alumni House, UCSB Campus


This meeting will serve two main purposes for our IGERT:

  1. It will allow us to inform on some of our major accomplishments

  2. It will give us a chance to receive objective feedback on our program. What could we have done better? How can we guard against future failures?



A map to the Alumni House and meeting location can be found here.



10:00 -- Welcome and Student Presentations, Round 1
David Grimsman (ECE), "Distributed Submodular Maximization: How Good is Greedy?"
Devin Cornell (Sociology), "Discursive Fields and Intra-Party Influence in Colombian Politics."

11:00 -- Faculty Roundtable

12:00 -- Lunch, Meetings with Students

1:00 -- Student Presentations, Round 2
Jacob Fisher (Communication), "Brain Network Topology and Dynamics in ADHD Individuals During Video Game Play."
Vania Wang (Geography), "WeMap: A methodology to Map Unplanned Settlements Using Volunteered Geographic Information."
Elizabeth Forbes (EEMB): "Reimagining high-resolution ecosystem monitoring with low-cost autonomous sensing."
Furkan Kocayusufoglu (CS): "Learning Representations on Graph Structured Data."

2:00 -- Advisory Board Meeting and feedback to PIs

3:00 -- Data Science at UCSB