NS Seminar

Date and Location

Jun 03, 2019 - 11:00am to 12:00pm
Bldg 434, room 122


Hidden Branding: an Alert System for Unscrupulous Advertising on Social Media (presented by Steven Munn, Computer Science)

Trainee Steven Munn explores the problem of "hidden branding": that social media accounts can be advertising products without mentioning the brands that incentivize them. He proposes a method for identifying such advertisers, as well as various methods for labeling them at the benefit of the potential consumer. Some solutions include a browser extension. The research is part of Steven Munn's CIIF proposal.


Multimodal Cognitive Load Recognition for Effective Digital Learning (presented by Yi Ding, Computer Science)

Trainee Yi Ding introduces the use of multimodal machine learning to model human-computer interaction data and measure users' cognitive load. As part of the 4-Eyes lab in Computer Science, with Tobias Hollerer, Yi has designed an experiment to answer two specific questions: 1) Can cognitive load be recognized through mobile device sensors? and 2) Can we modulate the cognitive load to improve vocabulary memorization for language learning? The research has potential for application design and is part of Yi's CIIF proposal.