Summer Immersion in Programming and Network Science for High School Students

July 05, 2017

Network Science IGERT trainees will provide a group of local high school students with an immersive tutorial in programming and network science. The program will run daily, from July 5 through July 27, in the network science lab. By the end of the three-week experience, participants should have a solid understanding of the Python programming language and be able to use Python to solve basic network science tasks. The students will understand the fundamentals of network science, and be able to use real-world data to build and visualize networks using libraries and tools such as NetworkX and Gephi. We also hope that participants will gain an understanding of the diversity of problems which can be approached from a network science perspective.

2017 is our second year of running this program. It is a collaboration with with the Computer Science Club at Santa Barbara High School. The trainees responsible for the curriculum design are Pedro Cisneros and Rachel Redberg.