Highlights from the 4th Data and Network Science Boot Camp

September 22, 2017

The focus of the fourth Network Science boot camp was to build a sense of camaraderie among the current cohort of IGERT trainees. The camp, held from September 11-22, just before the start of the Fall Quarter provided a foundation for working with networked data and had students working on small research projects from day 1.

This year we took a new turn in the deployment of our boot camp curriculum. We reduced the number of classroom lectures in order to provide more presentations from current faculty and graduate students. Having developed a collaborative program over the past few years, we felt it was important to show the new recruits what opportunities lay ahead, and to demonstrate the importance of a foundation in network science. In the afternoons, trainees worked together on group projects.

Morning seminars touched on subjects such as

  • Computer Basics and Data Science Tools
  • Faculty Research and Lab Opportunities
  • Graduate School Preparation
  • Current Graduate Student Research
  • Graph Algorithms
  • Dynamical Systems and Linear Algebra
  • Statistics
  • Machine Learning

The program concluded with five project presentations, which can be downloaded here:

Introduction to Data Science
A Study of Different Network Models

Trainees: James Bird and Sasha Kramer
Mentor: Omid Askarisichani

Introduction to Graph Models
Trainees: Vania Wang and Keenan Berry
Mentor: Sourav Medya

Bikeshare Data Analysis
Trainees: Kevin Smith and Jeff Feng
Mentor: Isaac Mackey

Translational Embedding
Representation Learning and Graph Embedding

Trainees: Roman Aguilera and Su Burtner
Mentor: Yi Ding

Modeling Consensus
The Role of Network Structures on the Performance of Consensus Protocols

Trainees: Leonidas Eleftheriou and Joe Heide
Mentor: Shadi Mohagheghi



We wish to thank the following people for their help with mentoring and delivering lectures:

  • Isaac Mackey, PhD student, Computer Science
  • Yi Ding, PhD student, Computer Science
  • Omid Askarisichani, PhD student, Computer Science
  • Shadi Mohagheghi, PhD student, Electrical and Computer Engineering
  • Arya Pourzanjani, PhD student, Computer Science
  • Sourav Medya, PhD student, Computer Science

We also wish to thank all the faculty and graduate students who participated in our morning panels and presentations. This year's boot camp really was a community operation. And thank you also to Dr. Minh Hoang for his help with planning the boot camp. Dr. Hoang is now at Facebook, having finished his PhD at UCSB.


The boot camp is just one programmatic activity of the Network Science IGERT, an NSF-funded, interdisciplinary graduate training program. The IGERT prepares students to engineer and control large networks, measure and predict the dynamics of networks, design algorithms to operate at scales of millions and billions of entities, make such networks robust, and develop new scientific hypotheses and principles about networks. There is growing demand for such a trained interdisciplinary workforce from multiple domains of science, commerce, and national security.