UCSB Launches Data Science Initiative

Data Science Website Screenshot
October 01, 2018

This past summer, UCSB formally launched an initiative to bolster Data Science research across campus. As a discipline, Data Science is not new to our university. Many departments have programs and laboratories leading the Big Data Revolution, and a community of student coders proudly operates under the moniker, DataScience@UCSB. Then, there are programs like our IGERT in Network Science, already attempting to foster graduate-level training in the area of big data. But the UCSB Data Science Initiative is something more.

With an interdisciplinary steering committee of faculty and campus officials, including the University Librarian and the Associate Vice Chancellor for Information Technology, the Initiative is well- positioned to bridge UCSB’s varied research groups and to make Santa Barbara a leader in the data science field in both academia and industry. The Initiative will also be able to advocate for faculty recruitment across multiple departments, and it will promote a sequence of seminars, undergraduate and graduate courses that will eventually lead to emphases, minors, and degree programs. More information can be found on the UCSB Data Science Website.

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