Top Paper Award at 2018 NCA

NCA 2018 Screenshot
November 11, 2018

Congratulations! to Frederic Hopp and his co-authors Devin Cornell, Jacob Fisher, Richard Huskey, and Rene Weber for their Top Paper Award at the the 104th Annual Convention of the National Communication Association, held in Salt Lake City, UT November 8-11.

The Moral Foundations Dictionary for News (MFD-N): A Crowd-Sourced Moral Foundations Dictionary for the Automated Analysis of News Corpora 

Abstract: The Moral Foundations Dictionary (MFD; Graham, Haidt, & Nosek, 2009) is a widely-used tool to automatically extract moral information from textual corpora. Yet, the MFD inherits certain limitations such as ad hoc pre-selection and overlappings of word stems that limit its validity. In this paper, we introduce a crowd-sourced approach for developing a moral foundation dictionary derived from a total of 65,012 highlights of 1,009 online newspaper articles highlighted by a U.S. representative sample of 557 human coders. We cross-validate various methodologies and parameters for developing a wordcount-based Moral Foundations Dictionary for News (MFD-N) that reliably classifies news documents according to their latent moral profile and shows satisfactory convergent validity toward related content features such as topics and sentiment. We discuss further refinements and tunings of our dictionary and point towards future research directions for its implementation.

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