Databases, Distributed Systems, Cloud Computing, Social Networks

Bassam Bamieh

Control and Dynamical Systems

Computer networks, wireless networks, social networks, networking in developing regions

Control theory, Multi-agent networks, Robotic coordination, Power systems

Software engineering, Web software and services, Automated verification

Epidemiology & Mathematical modeling; social network analysis; infectious disease epidemiology

Network design, Transportation networks, Biological network conservation

Databases, Distributed Systems, Cloud Computing, Social Networks

Collective action, Social media, Information and source credibility

Social psychology, social networks, and mathematical sociology

High-performance computation, Mathematical software, Graph algorithms

Control theory, Distributed control, Modeling of biological networks

Network visualization

Biological Dynamics, Collective Behavior, Dynamical Systems

Semantic Networks, Cultural Sociology, Diversity in Organizations

Multi-agent systems, Distributed sensing and decision making, Wireless comm.

Spatial optimization; geographic information science; urban, regional, and natural resource planning and development; spatial analytics; location modeling; transportation; spatial decision support system and GIS application and development


Evolutionary bioinformatics, Phylogenetics

Computational science and engineering, Biological and ecological networks

Evolutionary Theory, Genetic Networks, Ecological Networks

Director of Network Science IGERT
Network analysis, Data mining, Bioinformatics

Social networks, Collective action and technology, Globalization processes

Graph algorithms

Media neuroscience, research methods and statistics

Data bases, Data mining

Hillary Young Photo

Biological networks, ecology


Ecology, Evolution, and Marine Biology

Computer Science

Electrical and Computer Engineering


Computer Science


Ecology, Evolution, and Marine Biology

Ecological cascades, community assembly and disassembly, defaunation, and ecosystem structure and function.

Electrical and Computer Engineering

Computer Science

Computer Science


Technology and social change; intersectionality; sexuality, gender, race

Computer Science

Computer Science
NLP, Text Mining, Information Retrieval, Information and Code Theory, Linguistics, Graph Theory, Networks

Electrical and Computer Engineering
Dynamical systems, adaptive systems, estimation and detection, and sensor networks.

Electrical and Computer Engineering

Computer Science

Ecology, Evolution, and Marine Biology

Computer Science


Analysis and modeling of dynamic processes in networks.

Efficient algorithms

Collective cell behavior

Graph mining

Spatial-temporal modeling of moral networks, media neuroscience, research methods

Network epidemics, competitive propagation and group decision making

Coupled oscillators and power networks

Graph algorithms, sparse linear algebra, and parallel computing

Evolutionary dynamics of populations

Affiliated Faculty

Biological networks via the human nervous system.

Image/video analysis, multimedia databases and data mining, steganography, and signal/image processing for bio-informatics.

Bibliometrics, Communication Networks, Diffusion of Innovations, Organizational Communication, Social Effects of New Media

Algorithms for image synthesis, computational image processing, and computational photography



Mechanical Engineering

Computational science and engineering, numerical methods, dynamics and control, biological networks, power systems, robotic networks

Modular decomposition and analysis of large biological networks using techniques from systems and control theory

Computer Science

Human computer interaction, artificial intelligence, machine learning, and cognition, network science and big data